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We are able to offer you a fully comprehensive pest control service for your property to treat most pests such as the following:


The most common rodent problems to be found in the home are either rats, mice or squirrels. Rodent control programmes usually require multiple visits for effective control of any rodent. As part of any rodent control treatment we would carry out an external survey of your property in order to establish the cause of rodent entry into your property. Any small preventative proofing works would be carried out upon the conclusion of the treatment to help prevent the problem from re-occurring. Because every property and situation is different we ensure that every treatment is tailored to suit each individuals needs.


Your home can also become home to a wide range of insects pests. The most common insect problems found in the home are ants, bed bugs, fleas, flies and wasps. During the summer months we specialise on the treatment of wasps nests. If you are not sure what the exact nature of the problem that you are experiencing is, then we can offer you a free insect identification service by a fully qualified entomologist and upon a positive identification we can offer you a fully integrated treatment programme specific to your needs in order to control and eradicate your infestation.


Whilst many birds are a pleasure to have in your garden there are sometimes when birds can become an unwanted nuisance. Roosting pigeons, for example, can sometimes create a potential health hazard through their fouling. Pigeons usually nest in their own droppings. Their nests attract many insect pests including Mites, flies and fleas. These can then carry diseases from the nests to humans nearby. Some of these include things such as Listeria, Paratyphoid, Salmonella, Ornithosis and Tuberculosis.

The removal and disposal of pigeon fouling needs to be done very carefully and by properly equipped staff. It is important that proper chemical santisisation is carried out before any work is carried out to remove the fouling. After a clean-up programme we can install a range of anti-perch systems to your property to prevent the pigeons from repopulating on your property.


We can also offer you a treatment service against other pests such as garden moles, mites, spiders and feral cats.

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