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Wasp Nest Removal & Bee Swarm Removal

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Interpest pest control services provide a rapid response for the treatment and removal of wasps and wasp nests throughout the North East

Interpest Pest Control Wasp Nest Treatment & Removal Services will attend all types of business and residential properties in Durham, Teesside and the North East to treat and destroy wasp nests. The treatment and removal process typically taking place within two hours, destroy the wasps in the nest and also those wasps returning to the nest on contact.

Wasp Nest Treatment & Removal Services

Single wasps entering your property can easily be destroyed using a good qualitywasp spray that can be purchased from your local store or DIY store. However, we do not recommend you use these types of wasp spray products on wasp nests as wasps can be extremely dangerous. If a wasp feels under threat then threatened it is not uncommon for them to attack.

Interpest pest control services strongly recommended that should you find a nest on your property that you have it destroyed by a professional such as Interpest Pest Control Wasp Nest Treatment & Removal Services .

Several species of wasp are common throughout the UK, but the most common of these are the Common Wasp and the German Wasp. Both of these wasp species nest underground or in cavities such as in garden sheds, eaves of buildings trees, walls and loft spaces.

Typically, wasps are colonial, living in social groups with each colony of wasps established in the spring by a queen wasp. The queen wasp initially starting her nest from paper, made by mixing wood and saliva.

By summer a mature wasps nest can contain several thousand wasps. The average size of a nest is approximately 30 cm in width, although they can be much bigger depending on their location. Wasp nests are generally restricted by the space in which they are made. The risk from wasps is particularly high towards the end of summer and suggest and we always recommend destroying a wasps nest earlier in the year before wasps become more aggressive.

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